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Published on 7th March2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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I read some very interesting articles today about the Serious Fraud Office. I note that there are so many signature themes presented by Vincent Tchenguiz which apply to the ‘strange shenanigans’ that I am on the receiving end of.

Key paragraphs are:-

‘amid revelations the SFO had obtained documents in a raid which was carried out improperly’.

Instead of a raid Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram incarcerated me in a Psychiatric Facility and thereby obtained ‘legal guardianship’ by their fraud. From forensic evidence and Linguistic Analysis in particular I can confirm that they are lying and being instructed by parties who are assisting them evade criminal culpability.

Having reviewed the legislation it is clear that there is an Immunity Certificate in place which allows them to essentially do whatever they like, convincing themselves that they can run further crimes against me such as assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment, and even incite physical violence against me.

In this scenario the provision of the Immunity Certificate is more ‘a thank you for getting on the bandwagon that we have going, and for acting in the capacity of an agent of law enforcement so that we do not need to obtain warrants legitimately’. ‘And thank you for also saying Joe owes you money which fits our Lawyer’s Construct nicely and that he is nasty’ :). As it happens Edward de Saram owes me millions of dollars over his Cryptodyne Pvt Ltd abortion as well as various claims for damages against him for other frauds he runs all over the place including the ones on the NHS itself – hmm interesting 🙂

The latest case saw Vincent lodge claims in the Commercial Court in London against Jóhannes Rúnar Jóhannsson, who was a member of Kaupthing’s winding up committee, as well as Grant Thornton, an accountancy firm hired by Kaupthing for advice on its insolvency.

He claimed that Mr Jóhannsson as well as two Grant Thornton partners had conspired to instigate and encourage the SFO investigation for their own commercial gain.

As a forensic investigator myself, I can see that certain things were done to my house when Edward de Saram was in town around the beginning of December 2015, to make it look like a crime scene. I even told Praxy de Saram and she contacted Edward de Saram calling me ‘paranoid’ I am not sure how she can make such an assessment without looking at the evidence but they really are a Sad Pair of Fraudsters.

It is news to me that an Immunity Certificate can be used to actually fabricate a crime scene, which is then used as [fake] probable cause to gain access other items. And to make matters worse the photographic and videographic evidence that I had was stolen. Thank Joe that I was able to recover some which confirms this!

Instead of GT my evidence suggests the party is ‘Deloitte Tough Tomato’ (!) – my theory is this – that Rhodium winning the Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 is being considered illegitimate because parties think the account position was fake. Unfortunately it was not, the entities were merely obfuscated for reasons of the work that I was doing.

In fact in relation to this I had no interest whatsoever in entering competitions and I really do not care what people think – that is my personality type. All this marketing nonsense started when Margaret asked me to sign a letter in Provincial House to get involved in the Technology Fast 50 – as it happened it really took my eye off the ball.

As a further issue the strength of the accounts and using them to borrow is clearly an area of interest – once again, the financial position was genuine and the theory being propagated is plain wrong. If not for HMCE and their MLAT requests to the US when I was involved in projects involving money laundering systems for fake banks to catch real criminals the assets on the balance sheet would not have ended up toxic.

‘Joe’s Not Going to Get Away This Time’ or ‘Liars Always Get Caught’

But this time I have identified their fraud very early on, recovered forensic evidence and I am ready to take on the world 🙂

This is such a joke and something similar is occurring now – people are questioning the veracity of my tax returns and or Rhodium Australia’s balance sheet and those parties are McDonald Slater & Lay and Simon Vincent Breguet Thompson who file perjurious affidavits and/or suborn perjury 🙂

I am not sure how people can be so stupid – first and foremost, there is nothing wrong with Rhodium entities balance sheet in any country. Secondly I am not earning any money due to serious heart issues and so there have been no tax returns for 5 years, thirdly the share capital is high in Australia for such a simple reason. When I am lending money to the entity so that it can discharge its liabilities to third parties (such as attorneys), then my loan account increases concomitantly as the liability is discharged.

This leaves an increased liability position in which the liability of the attorney is replaced by a liability from me. By capitalising my loan then the solvency is maintained – it really is not rocket science and I am being forced to do this against my will. This is fundamentally different from saying the share capital is AUD 3.1 million so let us go borrowing with it 🙂

The bottom line is that I am like an iceberg – only 10% is visible above the water’s surface. I know that there is another 90% but and my health has deteriorated because that is the size of the asset base that is at stake in one sense, and in another sense it is completely firewalled.

So what happens when Stupid Sri Lankans, Average Australians and Subservient Singaporeans are goaded into action by law enforcement? The result is that my legal cases are spectacularly destroyed and it is the classic self-fulfilling prophecy. They then point at the issue that they themselves have created and use that as ‘evidence’ – this is such a ridiculous and obviously circular argument.

Seriously, if funds are in irrevocable trusts then the lack of them in my own bank accounts does not confirm fraudulent tax returns. The incredibly stupid logic of LE and the conspirators defies belief.

Additionally these fools have incited violence against me saying that I ripped people off – another deliberate lie because I was the largest creditor of Rhodium PLC and I would not have undertaken a course of action to cause me losses. I too was on the receiving end.

This is where Sri Lankans have such an important role, where they can be bribed with USD 10 to say anything, plant anything, steal anything and do anything. Singapore’s visa on arrival is another plus. Throw a few visas and even the promise of a reference letter and away we go 🙂


Parties who are on the wrong end of legal cases with me have conspired together, filed perjurious affidavits and the UK/AU law enforcement is somewhat dense in that they have just bought into it without considering alternative scenarios which fit the facts a lot better.

As mentioned in a previous article, their authorisations are all deficient because they have merely used affidavits from the co-conspirators themselves who feign that they are independent and ‘all victims of Joe’ :).

Actually that is a classic narcissistic trait and Edward de Saram and Margaret Cunniffe are the main drivers behind this.

And evidence that they have obtained has not been interpreted correctly, and in fact it is their literal thought processes that have caused this mess.

One excellent point about transactional immunity, is that the impropriety that I am being accused of is covered by longstanding immunity agreements – so I am not sure how double standards can apply, when everyone knows that I am a genius, that my expertise is in cryptography and banking systems, and that I have been provided with US Department of Defense laptops for work purposes!!

As a further clue I even changed the name of Rhodium PLC in the UK around 16 October 2000 to I Love My Encryption Technology PLC, and Immortal PLC to I Love My Financial Systems PLC – that in fact was a signal to my USA and Israeli colleagues that I would not squeal and the rest is classified :).

Also it freed Rhodium PLC and Immortal PLC and I was going to get mezzanine finance from a third party to clear the creditors in one go – if people had simply allowed a person with my intellect to ‘get on with things’ then there would not have been an issue.

Even presently bystanders who are somehow more intellectually capable than me in advising on structures that is beyond their level of comprehension, are somehow experts on me!

All the stunts of having my neck broken in a staged Road Traffic Accident, saying that I assaulted people, Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram incarcerating me in a Psychiatric Facility after his gaslighting and frauds from his previous trip is all one massive fraud. It really fools no-one with half a brain who can consider something objectively.

Given the fact that data was stolen by Priyardarshana in December 2014 and the Melbourne Fraudsters were involved (confirmed forensically and I have the data once more) why was there the further frauds of going through the motions, planting things after modification, and fake probable cause? Why were further perjurious affidavits produced if not to legitimise previously stolen materials?

It all seems like one big show to make it easy for people to believe that which is occurring – when any fool can see that it is a charade.

Legal Representation

Given the nature of the frauds that are being run against me, I have struggled to obtain legal representation because the parties concerned scare the new attorneys with legislation such as 333A and 342 of POCA. How on earth am I meant to quash unlawful search and seizures and litigate against the perpetrators if my own attorneys are parking their backsides between the court and I, or too scared to do anything? Whenever I want to legitimately obtain discovery they are blocking such requests.

Two specific examples involved Gopal Perumal who did absolutely nothing of any use throughout 2016 and despite me writing the Specific Discovery for ANZ Bank, refused to file it. And Katarina Klaric who just blocked every single thing I wanted to do, yet at the same time represented to me that she was acting in my interests or words to that effect – I have the audio recordings and will publish them VERY SHORTLY !

Protecting the Real Criminals

It is clear to me and from forensics evidence that EVERYONE has been trying to protect Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram, as well as Margaret Cunniffe and David Brown – why would this be happening? Even Edward de Saram was trying to protect Margaret Cunniffe in December 2015.

It is so obvious to me that my assets are on the line, by parties who have decided that they have been obtained unlawfully (which is denied), and that they are to be confiscated. In such a situation the relevance of longstanding structures which can withstand a Mareva Injunction should become patently obvious – the existence of the same reconfirms the legitimacy of the work as well as the pre-planning and strategies that go into such structures which have to be set up years in advance.

Money Laundering and Terrorism

I have audio recordings which demonstrate forensically the staging of this theme from an attorney named Iain Jones – he was one of my sister’s good friends in Hong Kong SAR and I embraced his bullsh*t without verifying his credentials. Unfortunately due to the fact that I was suffering from acute heart issues I did not have the energy to cope relied upon his representations. He continually represented to me that he had contacts in the UK Police and I will upload those recordings as it is important for LE and others to see how they have been hoodwinked every single step of the way by parties who have an axe to grind.

As it happens I was undertaking an investigation on Iain Jones and a USD 12 million fraud that he was a party to, involving a person named Alan – I can provide such information to the Hong Kong Police or I can just dump it on a website 🙂

The claim argued that the conspiracy was aimed to divert the attention of law enforcement agencies as well as other commercial parties towards Vincent Tchenguiz and away from Kaupthing.

So all the frauds about me having a Psychological Problem and being deliberately poisoned falls into this category – LE have actually caused massive commercial disruption to soften me up and to cause me to incur millions of dollars in losses for no reason. I have referred to diversionary tactics before and who was it that told Dr Upali Peris and Dale Gunarathne to ‘open their eyes wide’ when I was talking? ha ha

Injurious Falsehoods

Given the fact my adversaries are preventing me from deriving an income (one group of people) and then stealing my stuff (another group of people) and then going around telling people that I have not paid them (another group of people) then it all looks legitimate to the casual observer.

And when Katarina Klaric refused to handle the defamation cases properly (anything that undermines the veracity of the statements of the Melbourne Fraudsters, when everyone has bought into it) including Google Articles and subpoenas, then everything fits together nicely.

The various ‘advice’ from people along the lines of ‘move on’ and ‘don’t worry about the past’ is just one of the edges of ‘don’t sue the perpetrators’ and ‘ignore the problems’

As it happens I am not ‘worried’ but I dislike a legitimate business being dismantled because parties with their own commercial interests are able to manipulate LE, who in turn are too dense to be objective and ask the right questions.

Another Article

This is another interesting article:-

Since then the SFO has had to admit the search warrants for the dawn raids on Vincent home, and offices in London’s Park Lane, more than three years ago contained fatal flaws and that there were botched attempts to delay the return of documents it seized from Tchenguiz. Eventually, the SFO investigation was abandoned in 2012 after a high court ruling that the search warrants used for high-profile raids on Tchenguiz and others were illegal  — and that there had been no grounds for suspecting him of criminal offences. What’s more, the SFO apologised and paid around £6m in damages and legal costs.

My contention is that the grounds for suspicion are false, and LE has not properly verified the information that they were presented with, in the context of my cryptographic work, as well has the chain of custody of evidence. I already have evidence of how there has been fake probable cause, and as I have stated on numerous occasions my calls have been recorded and edited.

And given the fact that I already knew my house was rewired after the hospital visit and I deliberately provided disinformation (which any agent listening would identify) then how can they be congratulating themselves that they have got me to say ‘X’ or ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ ?

In fact everything that has happened to me is one Big Construct, and people are too dim and corrupt in this part of the world to identify their own deficiencies in logic.

Tchenguiz said: “It is clear to me that the Serious Fraud Office was deliberately manipulated into investigating me by people who intended to cause me harm and were driven by commercial gain and self-interest.”

“This was, I believe, quite simply a conspiracy by the defendants to use a criminal investigative authority for their own personal ends and to cause irreparable harm to me and my business interests, and I intend to see them held fully accountable.”

This is exactly the issue – and I have evidence. I refer to this article:-

and the parties whose evidence kept going missing are:-

By January 2015 I had imaged the SSD from the laptop that JVLP had been using and it was clear that he had obtained unauthorised access to various devices in the days before he left. Most interestingly it was data relating to Margaret Cunniffe (“MTC”) / David Brown (“DAB”) / Simon Thompson (“SVBT”) / Ian Slater (“ICS”) / McDonald Slater & Lay (“MSL”), parties in Australia who continually pervert the course of justice by their bad faith antics, injurious falsehoods, perjurious affidavits, diversionary tactics, and whom we are suing or in which cases litigation is pending.

The Plot Thickens (thick being the operative word 🙂

However from September 2015 onward, I noticed that a number of hard-copy documents relating to WLG/MSL/Augusta Ventures (“AV”)/Jason Edwards (“JGE”)/Rita Pal (“RP”)/Ahlers/Harry Elias (“HE”) plus their Sri Lankan counterparts, were also going missing.

The part I like about the above article is this

But this week Vincent Tchenguiz exacted his revenge: the Iranian-born property tycoon co-ordinated own nuclear dawn raid by sending out more than 30 separate legal letters to the individuals and companies around the world who he alleges lay behind the botched SFO investigation into his links to Kaupthing. His revenge is also going to be costly; he has lodged a claim for damages of £2.2bn against accountants Grant Thornton, the two individuals involved, and the estate of the failed Icelandic bank Kaupthing in connection with the collapse of the SFO probe.

Ironically I did this independently, months ago but the parties did not bother to respond – that’s fine, I will get court orders to ascertain what is going on but it is impressive that I have identified their involvement so precisely 🙂

Unlawful Authorisations

My focus now is to properly establish the case for fraud against various parties and then reverse any decisions that have arisen through the perversion of the course of justice.

Sometimes a timing difference and health issues mean losing a battle but given the forensic evidence, and audio recordings it will be I that wins the war 🙂

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Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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