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Published on March 8, 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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Early Identification of Issues

From around August 2015 I identified increased covert surveillance and electronic disruption. Actually I first realised there was an issue from around April 2014 around the time of a mailshot that joanne sent about Daljit’s money but things were getting hot during the summer.

November 2015 incident (“11/28”)

This relates to Ray Callingham coming to my property for the second time and ‘acting in the capacity of an agent of law enforcement’, which I had identified from even before his first trip.

I exposed him quite easily and his antics with the HMRC form fooled no-one except him and HMRC etc.

One of the specific things I said to him (which was recorded by his instructors, and which caused the lights to flicker and both him and Kim responded) was that:-

(a) As part of my [mysterious] police informant work, I look at forensic evidence and ghostwrite expert testimony, as I know [from experience] that there are many situations that police suppress and destroy evidence, and they get independent advice as to whether something should be included or not via unofficial channels. Given the fact that Kim was filming I deliberately looked shady to get the response, as well as dropping my eye level continually;

(b) Ray wanted a colleague of mine in HK to fly to LK, which is just dense given their background in defense;

(c) My face dropped when I suddenly realised that Iain Jones’ fake bank statements case in Singapore involved money laundering, in a similar fashion to my US projects.

December 2015 Incident (“12/17”)

Given that I identified the issues months earlier from Forensics, I had sent the following sms Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram, but they and their instructors were not bright enough to understand that they had been nailed!

These sms messages are from 18 September 2015

I knew they had been approached as they organised Ray’s fraud as well and Linguistic Analysis of their calls as well as their behaviour gave the game way.

Furthermore, when they were physically in my property a few days before I was assaulted, as I knew that they had recording devices I stated the following

(d) Police lie all the time;

(e) Driving the wrong way down a one-way street is a criminal offence, but not if the police officers authorise it.

(a) to (e) are all on recordings obtained unlawfully so simply press play to confirm that I was well ahead 🙂

What do these mean?

I was in HK around May/June 2012 with Margaret Cunniffe, and thankfully she was drunk on sufficient occasions to allow me to get an information update on the various pies I have my fingers in. I will explain how I get information updates later – it is quite fascinating.

Some Russian clients of mine who work with a US Defence contractor (yes I know it is odd, but in my line of work it really is wheels within wheels) gave me an assignment in which their data was being intercepted. Such interception was arising particularly in all communications from an oil trading associate in the France.

Most of the names of entities were redacted for obvious reasons but I figured out some major companies could be involved such as Lexus and Shell. The latter because I was told that it involved one of companies that my friend Daljit had worked for. I undertook the project and gained thorough experience of the types of attacks run against them and the nodes used.

Additional data was analysed in relation to human covert surveillance. As I investigated the data over months, I suddenly realised that it was associates City of London Police / the Serious Fraud Office who were involved. Whilst I did not have absolute confirmation, I realised that it was more than an 80% probability. So I decided to withdraw from the project as at that point as I have respect for law enforcement when they enforce the law, not when they enforce the laws they have made up!

February / April 2014

When I was in HK again in February / April 2014 I was asked to analyse some evidence which had ended up in the hands of law enforcement – this information came via a different contact who provides the expert testimony work. When I reviewed the redacted case files the brief was to determine whether the evidence (which exonerated the company based in Monaco from a number of potential charges,) should be used or irretrievably destroyed. Additionally there were a number of US and UK parties embroiled in the mess.

The evidence showed that the Monaco company was being investigated for bribery and various financial irregularities, and that law enforcement were also bribing parties to obtain information. In relation to law enforcement bribes, it is an extremely effective technique when used lawfully. Additionally law enforcement had managed to get a number of parties to lie on affidavits which is fraud.

Police lying to suspects is extremely effective and lawful. Ethics is not really relevant in the real world, as I have found out on numerous occasions. Police manipulating others indiscriminately is ‘fifty shades of grey’, although police forcing my own lawyers to pervert the course of justice and mess up my cases in order to protect the Melbourne Fraudsters and try to trigger insolvency, is utterly fraudulent!

In relation to the destruction of evidence that is exculpatory in nature for the defence, I find that utterly disgraceful. The brief I saw in HK confirmed that evidence had already been destroyed and whether further evidence should be destroyed or whether there was any real probative value to it. I had been asked because the investigators could not go through their normal channels.

December 2014

As it happened I thought nothing further of it until December 2014, in which Priyadarshana stole certain files that I had obtained from my HK contact, and some with extremely expensive patents. His theft was instigated by the Melbourne Fraudsters. And then it slipped my mind again.

However from then onwards I realised that the analysis of my own data traffic confirmed some signature themes associated with and we had millions of wireshark logs as well, which spectacularly nailed everyone.

Summer 2015

Around mid 2015 I suddenly realised that the company in France and the Monaco company was one and the same, and that parties from two different sides had actually engaged my work. Because the entity names had been redacted I had not realised and of course Monaco is a separate country though is in the geographic region of South of France.

However I still did not know the name of the company and had better things to do with my time as my own systems were being attacked daily.


I refer to back to Ray Callingham (a) – I deliberately told him the phrase above as a test and lo and behold the lights flickered! As such I had correctly identified the parties interested in me.

Paragraphs (b) and (c) related to my theories of what the parties at (a) are interested in.

Paragraph (d) ‘police lie all the time’ that I said to my parents means, the result of paragraph (a) ‘they destroy forensic evidence’ (one form of lying and a massive perversion of the course of justice) as well as they get parties to join their merry band of human covert agents by portraying me as a criminal (another form of lying).

And finally (e) relates to transactional immunity, and to a degree sovereign immunity – which arises from being a witness and/or being involved in projects of a defense nature. This applies to the pair of them as human covert operatives as well as how I have immunity 🙂

Investigating the Investigators

As can be seen I am streets ahead and had identified the issues extremely early on. My colleague in HK (who is not Iain Jones) advised me that such issues may arise. Therefore I just sat back and gathered all the forensic information, and the more I gather the stronger my burden of proof became until some clowns stole it and I was forced to try and recover files thanks to data remanence.

The Monaco Company is Unaoil

Around July 2016 the Serious Fraud Office opened their case into Unaoil:-

Interestingly enough the the car manufacturer was not Lexus, it was Rolls-Royce and the Oil firm was not Shell, it was Weatherford.

A couple of interesting paragraphs are these, which once again have the signature theme of unlawful and abuse of powers:-

A company that is implicated in an international bribery scandal has launched legal action against the Serious Fraud Office, alleging that the anti-corruption agency has unlawfully misused its powers.

On Thursday, Unaoil opened its legal challenge in the high court in London, claiming that investigators working for the SFO unlawfully raided its headquarters in Monaco and seized a large cache of its documents, phones and computer equipment in a “cavalier” fashion. The firm alleges that the raid amounted to an “excessively wide fishing expedition rather than a proper exercise of” its legal powers.

Hugo Keith, a QC acting for Unaoil, alleged that the SFO’s request to the Monaco police to carry out the raid “lacked candour” and had misled them over the seriousness and urgency of the reasons for the raid.

Ata Ahsani, chairman of Unaoil, and his two sons, Cyrus and Saman, are seeking a court order quashing the legality of the raid, compelling the SFO to return the seized material and destroy any copies it holds.

53 Terabytes

Thousands of documents, phones, laptops and other material were removed from the Unaoil offices, warehouse and residences, packed into a truck and driven out of Monaco by the SFO, Unaoil’s barrister Hugo Keith QC told the court on Thursday.

But the SFO arranged the raids, through Monaco’s police, by making “distinct and serious misrepresentations” to the local officials, he said.

The SFO is still reviewing the material – including a computer server containing about 53 terabytes of data.

The SFO initially denied Unaoil access to any of the material, saying it would facilitate further criminal offences, Mr Keith said. The SFO took the position that Unaoil had no legitimate business activity at all.

Interesting that this said about me, despite the fact that any fool can see I am running extremely sophisticated systems and working 18 hours a day because I am behind on projects.

It is a regrettable fact that even today, now over six months later the vast majority of material has not been returned,” he said. “The search had a devastating impact on the business, led to laying off employees and a collapse in turnover.” 

To be fair I have not asked for mine, but I will do, and soon – I have been spending time recovering evidence that these clowns have wiped in order to obtain Norwich Pharmacal Orders against parties such as HMRC 🙂

Mr Keith said the SFO, in its letter to Monaco requesting the raids, had misrepresented how far its investigation had progressed, or at least fallen short of a duty to be candid about the strength of its case against Unaoil.

Yes, a classic fishing trip.

“What was said on the face of the letter of request (to Monaco) was mistaken or misleading,” he said.

The letter had referred only to allegations of bribery and corruption relating to Iraq, but the raid had netted documents covering a much wider brief.

Sri Lanka is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and people do not know their boundaries. My defence materials in relation to defense and redacted immunity agreements that I have plus symmetric one-time pads have been stolen – how blissfully convenient.

The SFO “effectively gave the green light to the Monegasque authorities to take everything“, he said. “There must be a limit (that) requires the relevant body to be satisfied there are reasonable grounds to suspect the commission of an offence – not ‘these are thoroughly disreputable people, we’d like to see anything you’ve got relating to anywhere‘.”

This is how the defamation against me by various liars has materialised into some investigation – it is merely a diversionary tactic.

For me to be brutually assaulted and put into a Psychiatric Facility because I had correctly identified unlawful surveillance is the most ridiculous fraud ever. I was not able to seek an injunction against the search and seizure, which I of course would have done on the basis of the frauds of the investigators. Classic Perversion of the Course of Justice.

From 17 December 2015 onwards my house became a free for all for anyone to come and plant and then discover things, particularly in the week of 21 December 2015.

However the forensic evidence that I have nails the investigators, Melbourne Fraudsters and Edward de Saram in the entire matter, and I will collapse their case when I feel like it, but not yet. I have only just returned to work, and funnily enough I have work things to do such as set aside the fraudulently-obtained judgment of David Brown.

I have to say it is enjoyable in one sense because there is no underlying criminal activity that will succeed against me, although if ‘any of parties who have interesting data along the lines that I have mentioned which will assist Unaoil’ then please let Hugo know 🙂

PS One word of warning to the good people at the SFO – don’t take on Halliburton, because an annual budget of GBP 30 million has no chance against a company with deep roots in defense that functions as a country and protects its own by fair means or foul…


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM